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 Lowering insurance Tips..

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Lowering insurance Tips.. Empty
PostSubject: Lowering insurance Tips..   Lowering insurance Tips.. EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 4:57 am

Few tips i found out after talking to a few companies on lowering quotes for insurance.

1) Lower annual millage always helps, and its very hard.. even impossible for companies to actually track this

2) Setting two addictional drivers (Higher low claims the better) they dont have to even drive the car, and if you claim it doesnt effect their premuims.

3) Setting were you park your car to 'street' or 'residential parking' will lower your quote than 'parking in garage' this is because if your car was to get broken into, the insurance company will have to pay for the repair of the garage door which can cost up to £1000.

4) DONT SELECT your a student, when it asks for your 'job' as this is the highest bracket

-- Anymore feel free to post and ill add them on --

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Lowering insurance Tips..
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